Cofense Q2 2021 Phishing Review

The Cofense Intelligence™ team analyzes millions of emails and malware samples to understand the phishing landscape. Q2 2021 showed a steady increase in overall phishing volume, with a notable volume of attacks employing credential phishing rather than malware. The monthly phishing activity was largely duplicative of the Q2 2020 volume, following the same trends with higher fluctuations in the volume changes per month. This is the first quarter following the Q1 Emotet takedown by law enforcement. The absence of Emotet resulted in a significant decrease in the volume for the Loader malware type.

Download our Q2 2021 Phishing Review and check out our predictions about what to expect going forward, including:
Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 3.12.56 PM.png
  • Credential phishing attacks will continue to outpace malware-based attacks
  • Threat activity will increase as the summer months come to an end
  • Threat actors will continue to improve on the tactics, techniques, and procedures used to bypass SEGs and reach end users