We've heard it on repeat: existing email security controls are not enough to stop sophisticated phishing attacks.

“Advances in malicious email protection can recognize and stop obvious phishing attempts, but enterprises without sufficient competence and confidence in their technical controls, security awareness efforts, and incident response capabilities remain vulnerable to this common attack vector.” - Forrester, Best Practices: Phishing Prevention, November 18, 2021

Half of all advanced email attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), credential theft, and phishing attacks evade existing email security solutions, and these make up over 80% of all reported security incidents. Enhancing email security is a top priority for cybersecurity executives at organizations of all sizes.

So, what do you do? Where do you start? Watch this on demand fireside chat where we discuss:

  • Developing phishing tactics that attackers are using and how it greatly impacts your business – potentially leading to things like ransomware and financial loss
  • Best practices around phishing awareness, detection, and response including technical controls and planning for failure
  • Practical examples of how these strategies have been implemented at real organizations and the added resiliency these changes have enabled

Guest Speakers:

Aaron Higbee
Co-Founder & CTO
Kristy Westphal
VP Security Operations
Jess Burn
Senior Analyst