With news about data breaches and ransomware attacks hitting the headlines daily, cybersecurity continues to be in the spotlight and at the forefront of every MSPs mind. We all know that phishing is THE most common attack vector used by threat actors, yet there are still many myths that put you and your customers at significant risk.
Watch this on-demand webinar where Tonia Dudley, Strategic Security Advisor, and David Janson, VP Global Sales, MSP & MSSP, debunk 4 common myths about phishing attacks and how MSPs can help protect their customers from the evolving threats that evade perimeter defenses.

Register today to learn the truth about:

  • Who is most likely to fall for a phishing attack
  • Who is most likely to be targeted by threat actors
  • Why phish are NOT always easy to spot
  • Why email security solutions are not enough


Tonia Dudley
Strategic Security Advisor
David Janson
VP Global Sales,